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Foods & Restaurants in Kolkata

Foods of Kolkata revolve around Sweets and Fish as Bengali's love eating dishes which has fish or Sweets. Fish fry/curry with Rice and Pulse are ideal foods of Bengali's. In sweets Rosogulla , Misti Doi (Sweet Yoghurt), Sandesh are ideals for any festive in Kolkata. Some of the famous foods in Kolkata : Rolls (Chicken, Mutton, Egg & Etc), Chowmein (Chicken, Mutton, Egg & Etc) ,Chop (Egg, Veg, Potato), Puchka, Jhaal Muri. Most of the best restaurants in Kolkata are in park street area between camac street crossing till chowringhee crossing such as KFC, Mcdonalds, Subway , Peter cat, Bar B Q, Au bon Pain, Flurys and list goes on.